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Our skills

Digital Engineering  

Optimized performance of any best material is only possible if its design and its components assembly are coherent.

Specialized in audio and video technologies, the department of design and engineering assists building owners and architects in their analysis of the needs, the design and the installation, the choice of the equipment, the realization of the plans and the schedule of conditions as well as the follow-up of the building sites. Our department analyzes and improves the customers systems in use.

Broadcast Video Maintenance  

Our laboratory guarantees fast and reliable reparations.

Our operating team provides breakdown service and maintenance of your installations. All the members of our engineering department follow a continuing education near principal manufacturers.

Digit@l Engineering ensures the wiring, integration, assembly and installation of each delivered material and guarantees its correct operation on site.

Digit@l Engineering also takes care of the preventive and curative maintenance of the equipment put in exploitation by third suppliers.

Parallel to the startup of your equipment, Digit@l Engineering trains your operating personnel.

Computer Science  

Transfer and duplication of DVD

Professional presentation or family souvernir, we provide service for transfering on DVD all type of video contents. Your ideas, our realization!

If you need several copies of a DVD, we also ensure duplication without quality loss up to 100 copies.

Do not hesitate to contact us to obtain more information about Digit@l Engineering and its prices policy.

Computer networks installations

We provide service for wiring, deployment and/or configuration of computer networks. You have the material, we carry out the installation.

You need advice: our experts are here to help you.

For any information do not hesitate to contact us!

Sale of material  

Sale of new or second hand material

You wish to acquire reliable professional hardware recommended by our specialists, or second-hand quality equipment which has been carefully prepared with advantageous prices?

Do not hesitate to contact us to know our offers or order a catalogue!

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